Dr. Samantha Uhrig, DVM

Dr. Samantha Uhrig was born Samantha Rayroux and raised in Carlsbad, NM on a beef cattle ranch owned and operated by her family. Her family still owns and operates the ranch outside of Carlsbad where she spent most of her youth working on 4-H projects and studying wildlife.

In 1988, she obtained her state and federal permits to rehabilitate wildlife, and she and her mother began operating a wildlife rehabilitation facility at the family ranch. They cared for everything from songbirds and hawks to deer and raccoons.

In 1998, Dr. Uhrig completed all of her college education at Colorado State University. She finished her Bachelor’s of Science degree in Wildlife Biology, then she finished her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree in 2002. Following veterinary school, Dr. Uhrig did a one-year internship in Food Animal Medicine and Surgery. After her internship, she went on to complete a Master’s of Science degree in Clinical Sciences, specializing in recognition and treatment of pain in animals. Her work included a study of morphine in llamas, creating training modules for USDA Veterinary Care Inspectors, and documenting side effects of anti-inflammatories in dogs. In addition to her master’s degree, Dr. Uhrig also performed a study on venereal transmission of brucellosis in bison.

When she was able to return to Carlsbad, Dr. Uhrig opened her mobile practice. She operates a thriving veterinary service that services residents of Eddy County and enjoys giving back to the community that gave her such a great start to her career. Dr. Uhrig also oversees the Desert Willow Wildlife Rehab Center that is an addition to her veterinary services.

Desert Willow Veterinary Service, LLC

We are opening back up on a limited basis.
Carlsbad, NM 88220

At Desert Willow Veterinary Services,
we offer compassionate and
comprehensive medical care.

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  • Mobile Veterinary Care

    Desert Willow Veterinary Services, LLC, offers mobile veterinary care to Carlsbad, Loving, and surrounding areas. []

  • Livestock

    We primarily offer services for livestock such as horses, cattle, sheep, pigs, and goats. []

  • Acupuncture Services

    We also offer acupuncture and limited services for small animals such as dogs and cats. []

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Work and play at Desert Willow Veterinary Service

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    Just checking for any injuries.

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    Your teeth will feel so much better.

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    Let me check.

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    I asked for Hoop earrings.

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    I'm glad they are not for me.

  • Testing

    Trichomoniasis testing for cattle

Desert Willow Wildlife Rehabilitation Center